Take a look at Passion Spas SwimSpa Aquatic 1

SwimSpa Aquatic 1

Having just delivered another SwimSpa Aquatic 1 to a delighted customer, we thought we’d share some of the reasons this fabulous swim spa is so popular and explain why it’s now an even better buy.

Panache Pools SwimSpa Aquatic 1 delivery

Swim spas are becoming ever more popular with customers who want to be able to take a regular swim and also enjoy the benefits that come with a conventional spa or hot tub. Swim spas are dual purpose and provide space for swimming along with seating fitted with hydrotherapy jets. A swim spa at home enables you to benefit from regular swim sessions, which as you know, is great exercise. Many users also value the health benefits that come with hydrotherapy. That’s not to mention the fun that can be had with family and friends. Everyone loves a pool party!

Swim spas are also incredibly practical. They are easy to install, indoors or outdoors, and can be taken with you should you move home. It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular. At Panache Pools our most popular model at the moment is the SwimSpa Aquatic 1 from Passion Spas. Quite simply, it offers unbeatable value for money; even more so now due to our Special Offer.

For a limited time we have reduced the price of the SwimSpa Aquatic 1 by £1,000.00, down to just £9,995.00. Yes, that’s right. You can own your very own swim spa for under ten grand! So if you like the idea of a new swim spa for under £10,000.00 contact us on 0800 0665979 for details.

We believe this to be the best value swim spa on the UK market today. You may be able to find other swim spas for around the same price, but when you take a closer look and compare the features, we’re confident you’ll find the SwimSpa Aquatic 1 will come out on top. It was recognised as a ‘Best Buy’ by both ‘WhatSpa’ and ‘What Pool & Hot Tub’. Take a look at the photo’s and the details below.

SwimSpa Aquatic 1

SwimSpa Aquatic 1 features –

The SwimSpa Aquatic 1 measures 4 metres in length, is 2.28 metres wide and stands 1.26 metres high. It has 4 turbo swim jets that generate the current to swim against. It has 3 seats, of which 1 is a lounger. These seats have 35 all active hydrotherapy jets. The swim spa uses the highly respected Balboa heating system. The swim spa comes complete with a quality insulating cover.

Full Specification and Technical Details


• Length: 400 cm

• Width: 228 cm

• Height: 126 cm

• Multi-Layered Shell Construction

• Maintenance Free Exterior Cabinet

• 4 LED Lights in Cabinet Corner Panels

• StarBrite Interior Perimeter LED Lighting

• 3 Seats, Including 1 Lounger

• 35 All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets

• 4 Turbo Swim Jets

• Multiple Zoned Air Controls

• Ozone Oxidation System For Cleaner Water

• Gravity Floor Drain

• 2 Luxury Headrests

• Programmable Filtration System

• Four High-Flow 3.0 HP Pump

• Balboa Heating System

• Pump 1: 3.0 HP

• Pump 2: 3.0 HP

• Pump 3: 3.0 HP

• Pump 4: 3.0 HP

• Pump 5: Circulation Pump

• Filtration: Three Single Cartridges

• Control System: Balboa

• Heating System: 3 kw Heating

• Water Capacity: 7500 litres

• Dry Weight: 1200 kgs

• Filled Weight: 8700 kgs

• Insulation: Polyurethane, Heat Lock

• Electrical Requirements: 380 V / 3 x 20 A

If you’re considering a swim spa, the SwimSpa Aquatic 1 could just fit the bill and at just £9995.00 it surely merits further investigation. So why not do just that and give us a call on 0800 0665979 now?

We’ll be more than happy to help you make an informed choice. If the Aquatic 1 doesn’t meet your needs, we have a whole range of other swim spa options. We’re confident we have the swim spa for you. We are an established, professional business located at our show site in Northamptonshire – map here. We have supplied many spas and hot tubs throughout the UK and are an authorised dealer for Passion Spas. We are members of BISHTA and work to their high standards. We provide initial training and full, ongoing support. As well as supplying spas and hot tubs we also build swimming pools and exercise pools.

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