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Endless Exercise Pool installed in a timber cabin

Endless exercise pool in a timber cabin

Most people who decide to invest in an exercise pool want to be able to use it whenever they want, whatever the weather. We looked at some of the places you could install an exercise pool here. If your pool is to be located in your garden, one of the most popular options is to house the pool in a timber cabin or shed. This will provide all-year-round use, is quick and easy to install and blends into most gardens beautifully.

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An Endless Exercise Pool in your garden

Exercise pool swimmer

The most common location for one of our exercise pools is the garden. That should come as no surprise, as the garden is often the most practical place in which to install your new pool. Thanks to the flexibility of our exercise pools, you do have many other options as to where you put your pool. We covered some of the most popular options here.

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Build Your Own Wooden Swimming Pool

If you love the thought of having a swimming pool in your home or garden and like the idea of building it yourself, you should seriously consider one of our wooden swimming pool packages. Not only do you end up with a beautiful pool, you also have the satisfaction that comes with building your own pool.

Premium Wooden Pool
Wooden Swimming Pool With Decked Surround

Our wooden pools are so versatile. They can be installed above ground, in ground or part submerged. You can create a stunning feature in your garden. The pools are particularly suited to be surrounded by timber decking. With clever positioning and design, your pool will become a stunning centrepiece of your garden; an area to cherish with family and friends.

Our wooden pools are not only versatile and look great; they are also quick and easy to install and are very affordable. Our wooden pool kits come in a range of shapes and sizes or we can arrange for a pool kit to be manufactured to your own specifications. The timber used is sustainable from renewable sources. It is precision cut and pressure treated to the optimum standard. All the structural wood has been impregnated with wood preservative in the controlled conditions of a vacuum pressure plant. It is protected against fungal rot and insect attack to ensure longevity. The kits include all the pipework, fittings, pump and filtration that will enable you to have a finished pool in a matter of days. Continue reading