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Endless Exercise Pool and Sunhouse Enclosure

Endless Exercise Pool Sunhouse Enclosure

As we’ve discussed before, most people who decide to invest in an exercise pool want to be able to use it whenever they want, whatever the weather. We looked at some of the places you could install an exercise pool here. If your pool is to be located in your garden and space is limited, one option is to house the pool in the Sunhouse Enclosure. This will provide all-year-round use, is quick and easy to install and doesn’t take up much valuable space.

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Endless Exercise Pool installed in a timber cabin

Endless exercise pool in a timber cabin

Most people who decide to invest in an exercise pool want to be able to use it whenever they want, whatever the weather. We looked at some of the places you could install an exercise pool here. If your pool is to be located in your garden, one of the most popular options is to house the pool in a timber cabin or shed. This will provide all-year-round use, is quick and easy to install and blends into most gardens beautifully.

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An Endless Exercise Pool in your garden

Exercise pool swimmer

The most common location for one of our exercise pools is the garden. That should come as no surprise, as the garden is often the most practical place in which to install your new pool. Thanks to the flexibility of our exercise pools, you do have many other options as to where you put your pool. We covered some of the most popular options here.

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Where will you put your Endless Exercise Pool?

Dolphin Sport Exercise Pool

When considering owning a new Endless Exercise Pool its location will be foremost in your mind. One of the advantages of Panache Pools’ Endless Exercise Pools is the fact that they allow you plenty of scope when it comes to location. The pools themselves can be installed fully above-ground, part sub-merged or fully in-ground.

An exercise pool, by its very nature, is compact. An obvious advantage therefore, is you don’t need a lot of space. Our smallest pool package measures 3 metres x 4.4 metres, externally. Plus, we can supply bespoke pools, if you need it to be made-to-measure.

The first consideration is whether you want to install your exercise pool indoors or outdoors.

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Swimming Pool Refurbishment Project – Northamptonshire

From Duck Pond to Swimming Pool in Four Weeks

Panache Pools has recently completed an impressive swimming pool refurbishment at Chard House; a stunning sandstone period property at a village location in the Northamptonshire countryside.

The existing pool at the property had been neglected over a number of years.

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Build Your Own Wooden Swimming Pool

If you love the thought of having a swimming pool in your home or garden and like the idea of building it yourself, you should seriously consider one of our wooden swimming pool packages. Not only do you end up with a beautiful pool, you also have the satisfaction that comes with building your own pool.

Premium Wooden Pool
Wooden Swimming Pool With Decked Surround

Our wooden pools are so versatile. They can be installed above ground, in ground or part submerged. You can create a stunning feature in your garden. The pools are particularly suited to be surrounded by timber decking. With clever positioning and design, your pool will become a stunning centrepiece of your garden; an area to cherish with family and friends.

Our wooden pools are not only versatile and look great; they are also quick and easy to install and are very affordable. Our wooden pool kits come in a range of shapes and sizes or we can arrange for a pool kit to be manufactured to your own specifications. The timber used is sustainable from renewable sources. It is precision cut and pressure treated to the optimum standard. All the structural wood has been impregnated with wood preservative in the controlled conditions of a vacuum pressure plant. It is protected against fungal rot and insect attack to ensure longevity. The kits include all the pipework, fittings, pump and filtration that will enable you to have a finished pool in a matter of days. Continue reading

Build Your Own Endless Exercise Pool

Endless Summer Dolphin Sport
Build Your Own Exercise Pool

If you want the convenience of having a swimming pool at home, either indoors or in the garden, but didn’t think you had enough room, or that you couldn’t justify the cost, one of our Exercise Pools may provide you with both a practical and affordable solution. For example, we have options that start at under £6,000.00.

At Panache Pools we offer several exercise pool packages, designed to overcome any size or cost issues. Essentially these come in three packages, but there are further options with each. We have the ‘Endless Summer Dolphin Sport’ featuring the much praised ‘Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Unit’. These pools come in two sizes – 4.7m x 2.9m and the larger 6m x 4.2m. Then we have our ‘Premium Exercise Pool’ with a choice of counter current units and measuring 4.4m x 3m. They are all manufactured in the UK by two of the UK’s biggest and most respected swimming pool suppliers, namely Certikin and Plastica. Continue reading

Panache Pools Launch Two New Websites


Due to the popularity of our wooden pools and exercise pools we have launched two new websites dedicated to each of these swimming pool options. The site dedicated to wooden pools can be found at www.WoodenSwimmingPools.co.uk and the site dedicated to exercise pools is at www.EndlessExercisePool.co.uk.

Although the sites are ‘live’, they are in constant development and we will be adding new content on a regular basis.

When considering a swimming pool for your home or garden, more people are taking the wooden pool option; and it’s easy to see why. Wooden pools are quick and easy to install, are available with self build packages and bespoke options, can be installed above ground, part submerged or fully in-ground, offer great value for money and they look fantastic. To see all our range of wooden pools simply visit the site here and have a good look around. We’re confident we have the pool for you. Continue reading

Exercise Pools for Your Home or Garden


Swim at home

If you love the idea of being able to take a daily swim as part of your exercise regime, a home exercise pool could provide you with a perfect solution. Exercise pools are compact, easy to install, have low running costs and can provide you and your family with hours of healthy, fun exercise.

You don’t need a large area to be able to accommodate an exercise pool as they are usually small pools with a counter current unit fitted to generate a current for you to swim against. Exercise pools with a counter current unit essentially enable you to swim in the same place. I’ve seen them described or likened to an aquatic treadmill. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and there are several exercise pool packages on the market – see here.

If you don’t want an exercise pool package you can opt for a bespoke exercise pool and have a pool build to meet your exact requirements – see bespoke options here. Whatever pool you choose you also have a choice of counter current units. These can be generally divided into two categories – ‘over the wall’ or wall hung or ‘through the wall’ units. Continue reading

Swimming Pools for the Garden


Wooden Swimming Pool
A beautiful wooden pool

If you dream of a pool in your garden, but you have limited space and you’re on a tight budget, we have the perfect solution; one of our beautiful wooden pool options. Why compromise with an unsightly, above ground frame pool when you can have an aesthetically pleasing pool that will blend beautifully into your landscape? A wooden pool really is an ideal option. They look great, are easy to install, will provide years of summer fun and are great value for money.

Our wooden pools can be installed above ground, in ground or partly submerged. They look stunning when used with a timber decking surround. We have Exercise Pool options, where your pool is fitted with a counter current unit to allow endless swimming – see here or take a look at all of our options here. Continue reading