Swimming Pools

Your Swimming Pool Dream…Realised!


swimming pool at home.

As you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have often dreamed of owning a swimming pool. A swimming pool at home is often among the most wished for luxuries when people allow themselves to dream. Well, thanks to advances in construction and manufacturing, owning your own pool is closer to becoming a fabulous reality to an ever increasing number of people.

Today there are so many options, sizes, construction methods, finishes, etc. that make it possible to find a suitable pool designed to meet your needs, space and budget.

From high-end concrete and mosaic tiled pools through to low cost, self-build kits, there is a pool for you. At Panache Pools, we pride ourselves on producing the perfect swimming pool that best suits your own individual needs and circumstances.

A swimming pool at home, either indoors or outdoors in the garden, can bring so much enjoyment to you and your family. Imagine inviting friends over for a pool party, or enjoying special family time with the kids. Then there’s the health benefits that regular swimming provides. You work hard. Don’t you deserve to make the most of your valuable leisure time? A swimming pool at home will enable you to do just that and improve the quality of life for you and your family.

At Panache Pools, one of the most satisfying aspects of our profession is handing over a new swimming pool to a delighted client, knowing that they will get years of enjoyment and experience special times and create some wonderful memories that you can’t put a price on. Check out some testimonials from satisfied customers here.

We offer the complete swimming pool service, from design and planning (we offer a variety of construction options), refurbishment, maintenance, servicing and we supply a comprehensive range of water treatments, chemicals, equipment and accessories.

Planning Your New Swimming Pool


Infinity swimming pool project.

Advances in technology and new developments in swimming pool construction has resulted in lower prices and quicker build times. Building or installing a new swimming pool is no longer as expensive as it once was and the whole process isn’t as disruptive as you may think.

Panache Pools are there to help and guide through every aspect of your swimming pool project. From the initial planning and design, choosing the most suitable construction method, the actual build and pool installation right through to handing over the finished project.

We are there to ensure that the end result is the best pool possible to meet you own individual requirements and within timescale and budget. We also offer several self-build options for those that want to tackle the whole or part of the project themselves. Why not call us for an informal chat to discuss your requirements? Call us now on 01536 420400…we would love to hear from you.

Your Swimming Pool Options

Below we take a look at a number of the most popular swimming pool options.

Concrete and Mosaic Tiled Swimming Pool


Mosaic tiled pool.

Mosaic tiles with bespoke design under construction

Concrete mosaic tiled pool.

Finished Indoor Concrete Mosiac Tiled Pool

If you’re considering a large, bespoke swimming pool, or a pool that is of an unusual shape, well a concrete and mosaic tiled pool is most likely to be the most suitable option. This type of pool is constructed using the more traditional method where the pool shell is formed using reinforced concrete and finished with mosaic tiles, that can be used to create a unique design.

Block and Liner Swimming Pool


Block and liner swimming pool.

Block and liner pool under construction


Garden swimming pool.

Block and liner pool completed.

Another popular option if you’re considering a bespoke pool is a block and liner swimming pool. The pool walls are built using concrete blocks that are then rendered before a made-to-measure vinyl liner is fitted. You have several different liner options and also a choice of colours and tile band designs that enable your pool to look just as you intended.

Panel and Liner Swimming Pools


Panel pool build.

Panel and liner pool under construction


Finished panel pool.

Panel and liner pool complete

Installing a panel and liner pool is a very popular option…and when you consider the advantages you can see why it is such a popular choice. If you are looking for a pool that is quick and easy to install, with minimum disruption to your home or garden, a panel and liner pool could fit the bill. These pools offer plenty of choice when it comes to size and shape and the polymer panels are designed to provide the same strength as concrete.

Wooden Swimming Pools


Wooden pool build.

Wooden swimming pool under construction

Finished wooden pool.

Wooden Pool Project completed

Wooden Swimming Pools are also very popular. They are quick and easy to install and do offer fantastic value-for-money. They can be installed in-ground, semi-submerged or above-ground. They are also designed to be installed by anyone with competent diy skills and also come as self-build packages. Whether you want your wooden pool fully installed by Panache or you want to install your pool yourself, one of our wooden pool packages offers fantastic value for money. Check out our website dedicated to Wooden Swimming Pools here.

Exercise Pools


Wooden exercise pool.

Wooden exercise pool under construction

Exercise pool finished.

Exercise pool complete

If space is limited but you’d still like to benefit from taking a regular swim at home, one of our compact exercise pools could be the answer. We offer several exercise pool options and also a choice of counter current units, including the powerful Fastlane Unit for serious swimming exercise. The pools are quick and easy to install and do not take up much space. We have fitted exercise pools in a small corner of a garden, in a small garage and in timber cabins. Check out our dedicated Exercise Pool website here.

We hope the options above have provided you with some food for thought and you can see the possibilities. Give us a call for an informal chat about your swimming pool ideas on 01536 420400.

Panache Pools are located in Northamptonshire and supply and install swimming pools throughout the UK. We operate from a large show site and have exercise pools and swim spas on display and available to wet test, so you can try before you buy. Call us to book an appointment on 01536 420400. You can find a map here.

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