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Swim SpaExercise…and Relax!

How would you like to be able to take a swim at home before relaxing in the soothing waters of a hot tub? In the past that would have meant having a home swimming pool and a hot tub. That is still an option of course and we would be happy to help if this is something that appeals to you. Check out our Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs. However, thanks to the introduction of Swim Spas a regular swim, followed by a relaxing session in a hot tub…and all at home is now a real possibility.

Swim Spas are large, all-in-one structures that have an area dedicated to swimming and then seating in the spa section. In the swimming area you swim against a current generated by powerful jets that enable you to swim but to essentially stay in the same place, often referred to as ‘endless swimming’. We offer a range of swim spas offering different swimming experiences to suit the users’ requirements.

Swim Spa Aquatic 3

The hot tub or spa section is sometimes separated of from the swim section but not always. Again at Panache we offer both options within our comprehensive range of swim spas. Visit our dedicated Swim Spas pages here to view our range and your options.

We have one of our most popular swim spas on display at our large show site Bosworth’s Garden Centre in Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire. You can Find Us Here.

Wet Test our Swim Spa

Swim Spa Wet Test

If the idea of being able to swim at home, whenever you want, and then relaxing and enjoying the soothing, hydrotherapy benefits a hot tub provides, appeals to you why not try out our fantastic Aquatic 3 Swim Spa for yourself. We offer you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. Our customers really appreciate this new facility as it really enables you to make a choice based on your ‘first-hand’ experience. Contact us here to arrange an appointment or call 01536 420400.

Great for keeping fit and recovery from exercise

Swim Spas are becoming increasingly popular for anyone who takes their health and fitness seriously. Both keen amateurs through to professional sportsmen and women are using Swim Spas as part of their exercise routines and then using the hydrotherapy benefits of the hot tub to sooth their joints and muscles and to aid recovery from strenuous workouts and competition. Tri-athletes particularly love Swim Spas! And to be able to do all this in the privacy and comfort of your own home is a major plus.

If you’re not into serious sports training a Swim Spa is still a great facility to have. Share special times with family and friends and create some fantastic memories. Imagine the parties you could host!

Hopefully you can see why Swim Spas are becoming so popular. Our models start at just £9995.00 and offer fantastic value for money. Check out our Swim Spas here.

Swim Spa crane lift.

Installation is usually straight forward and your Swim Spa can be sub-merged or fully above ground and we can do great things with decking to produce a fantastic feature for your property. If required, we can crane-lift your Swim Spa into your property – see photo of one of our previous deliveries. We can also install your Swim Spa in an enclosure or timber cabin, which we can also supply and install.

Swim spa examples.

If you are interested in having a Swim Spa at home, give us a call on 01536 420400 for a no obligation, informal chat. We deliver our Swim Spas throughout the UK and offer a complete back up service. Plus we offer wet tests, so you can try out a Swim Spa before making the decision to buy. We look forward to hearing from you.

Panache Pools are located in Northamptonshire and supply and install swimming pools throughout the UK. We operate from a large show site and have exercise pools and swim spas on display and available to wet test, so you can try before you buy. Call us to book an appointment on 01536 420400. You will find a map here.

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