Hot tubs and the hosepipe ban

Hot tubs and the hosepipe ban
Hot tubs are exempt from the hosepipe ban.

As we endure one of the wettest spells for years, many areas of the UK are under a Temporary Water Use ban, commonly referred to as the hosepipe ban. Panache Pools are based in Northamptonshire, one of the areas affected by the restrictions. As a consequence, all our local customers are also affected by the ban. We have been pushing the water authorities and our trade associations for some clarification on the terms of the ban, particularly in regard to hot tubs. Our director, Mark Jackson has been interviewed on local television and radio about the hosepipe ban and how it’s affecting pool and hot tub owners.

Unfortunately, there has been conflicting messages being issued or reported that has resulted in some confusion. Some authorities were stating that hot tubs were included in the ban and couldn’t be filled or topped up with a hosepipe. However, we have since received clarification that hot tubs never were included in the ban and are therefore exempt. You can fill or top up your hot tub using a hosepipe. We are letting our customers know that they can use their hot tubs as normal.

Unfortunately, swimming pools are not so clear cut. Existing pools cannot be filled or topped up with a hosepipe, but you can use a hand held device. However, pools under construction or undergoing construction works can be initially filled up with a hosepipe. That’s the message we’ve been getting from our trade associations who are seeking further clarification from the different area water authorities. We have put a page on our website to report the latest here. With all the recent rain, we’re all hoping the water tables will soon be sufficiently replenished to enable the ban to be lifted. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a new hot tub we have many superb options available from one of the most respected brands, Caldera Spas. Take a look at our Panache Spas website here. Or why not visit our show site, where we have many tubs on display. You can find us here.

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