Exercise Pools

Exercise Pool and Sunhouse Enclosure

Swim at home…whenever you want!

If you’d love to be able to take a swim, at home, whenever you want but you have limited space and don’t want to spend a fortune, one of our exercise pool options may provide the perfect solution. The exercise pools we install are usually compact in size and they all enable the swimmer to swim without the need for turning. The swimmer basically remains in the same position and swims against a current generated by a counter current unit. The term many people use for this is ‘endless swimming’ and it is very practical and effective and ends the need for swimming lengths in a large swimming pool. Swim spas also offer ‘endless swimming’ but depending on location, aren’t always viable down to their large, one-piece design. However, if this is not an issue in your situation you can check out our impressive range of swim spas here.

At Panache Pools we are able of offer wet tests for our Exercise Pools and Swim Spas at our large show site in Northamptonshire. We offer you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ enabling you to make an informed choice. Contact us here to arrange an appointment or call 01536 420400.

Swim at home

If you value the benefits of regular swimming and don’t have the time to travel to your local pool, health centre or gym, then you have no doubt wished you had a pool at home that you could use whenever you wanted.

We all know that swimming provides great exercise and having a pool at home means you are far more likely to take a regular swim and therefore benefit from the exercise. It’s just so convenient for you and your family to use. Many users start to enjoy and benefit from a daily swim and it soon becomes an integral part of their exercise regime.

exercise pool and enclosure

Exercise pool and enclosure in small garden

Our exercise pools enable daily swimming at home, thanks to our counter current options. We have a range of different units to suit your swimming requirements, from units that generate a gentle current, ideal for beginners or the older swimmer only wanting a slower, gentle swim, right through to powerful machines that are capable of generating a strong current enabling a strenuous swimming experience more suited to the serious or competition swimmer.

Limited access or space is no barrier

Our most popular exercise pool options are supplied as complete pool packages that are then assembled and installed on-site. The advantage of this is that limited or difficult access isn’t a problem as all the individual components fit through a standard sized doorway. So, we can install our exercise pools in locations where a swim spa or one-piece pool wouldn’t be possible.

exercise pool in a garage

Exercise pool installed in a single garage

Exercise pool in a timber garage.

Exercise pool installed in a timber cabin

Limited space is not an issue either. We have fitted one of our exercise pools in a single garage for example. Our smallest pool package measures around 3m x 4.4m and we can supply a smaller, bespoke size if needed. We have installed pools in small gardens and inside timber cabins. If installed outside, most people also fit an enclosure, so the pool can be used throughout the year. You can see in the photo’s how little space is required.

We hope you can see that enjoying the benefits of a daily swim, at home, is now a real possibility for those of us with limited space or difficult access. Our exercise pools have proved to be very popular and we have a dedicated website giving much more detail, examples and prices. Please visit www.EndlessExercisePool.co.uk and take a good look around. We hope you’ll be able to see some of the possibilities and spark some ideas in regard to your own project. Or why not give us a call today for an informal chat about your exercise pool ideas on 01536 420400.

We have also compiled three free project guides detailing three different exercise pool projects, one in an enclosure, one in a timber cabin and one in a garage – you can get your free guides here.

3 Free Project Guides

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Panache Pools are located in Northamptonshire and supply and install swimming pools throughout the UK. We operate from a large show site and have exercise pools and swim spas on display and available to wet test, so you can try before you buy. Call us to book an appointment on 01536 420400. You will find a map here.

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