Endless Exercise Pool in a conservatory

Exercise pool in a conservatory

In previous posts we’ve looked at various locations for a home exercise pool. You can see the post here. One option we mentioned was to house your pool in a conservatory. If you have the space, a conservatory style structure could provide the ideal setting for your Endless Exercise Pool.

If you have a suitably sized conservatory, it may be possible to install an exercise pool in the existing building and transform it into a fantastic pool room.

If you don’t have a conservatory, but have a space where you could install one, you have the opportunity to design a bespoke pool and building. Conservatories are made to measure and offer a variety of styles. You could design one to house one of our exercise pool packages or you could also opt for a bespoke, made to measure exercise pool. You can see some of our exercise pool packages here.

We have included some photographs of one of our previous exercise pool projects to illustrate some of the possibilities. They may also provoke some ideas you may have for your own project.

Bespoke exercise pool under construction

Exercise pool liner fitted

Pool in a conservatory

The project in the pictures features a bespoke, made to measure pool and a traditionally styled conservatory. The pool is a block and liner pool and is fitted with a through-the-wall Badu jet counter current unit. Our clients now have a fantastic facility they can use whenever they want. No more trips to the local pool to enjoy all the benefits of a regular swim. An exercise pool at home means you can enjoy a swim in privacy and at your convenience.

The pool walls are constructed using blocks which are then rendered before the pool liner is fitted. This particular pool had a through-the-wall counter current unit fitted that provides the current for the swimmer to swim against. There are several counter current options available, including over-the-wall type units that are generally cheaper to install. The client lived in a large country hall and wanted to house the pool in a conservatory that fitted in with its surroundings. They didn’t want a large pool as their main use of the pool was for exercise. Our bespoke option was designed specifically to meet their needs.

That’s the beauty of a bespoke pool. It can be built to meet your own needs and wants. If you’d like to discuss any swimming pool options, please contact Panache Pools on 01536 420400.

Further photographs and details about our bespoke exercise pools here.

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