An Endless Exercise Pool in your garden

Exercise pool swimmer

The most common location for one of our exercise pools is the garden. That should come as no surprise, as the garden is often the most practical place in which to install your new pool. Thanks to the flexibility of our exercise pools, you do have many other options as to where you put your pool. We covered some of the most popular options here.

Situating one of Panache Pools’ Endless Exercise Pools in the garden is often the most cost effective and practical solution. Access is rarely a problem, which aids build time, which, in turn, saves money. You don’t need a big garden to take one of our pools either. Our smallest pool package only measures 3 metres x 4.4 metres. You can see from the photo’s below some before and after shots of previous garden installations. They illustrate just how little space our pools take up.

Exercise pool in garden

Our Endless Exercise Pools can be installed fully above-ground, part-submerged or fully in-ground. They can be left uncovered or enclosed.

Installing an exercise pool with a decked surround is very popular and can provide a fantastic looking feature in any garden. Installation is often very quick with the minimum of disruption. We have included an example in the photo’s.

You can see in the photo’s below two examples of enclosed pools. One is housed in a timber cabin and one in a sliding enclosure. The great benefit of an enclosed garden pool is that you can use it every day, whatever the weather. A daily swim, at home, is something many people desire. Our Endless Exercise Pools make this both affordable and practical.

Enclosed exercise pool

Garden pool in timber cabin.

If you’re considering installing an exercise pool in your garden, we have a range of pools and installation options available.

Panache Pools’ exercise pool options include self-build kits that are designed to be installed by anyone who has competent diy skills. Installation can take as little as two to three days for two persons (not including laying the concrete base). Panache Pools’ provide telephone help and support if you choose the self-build option. Call us on 0800 0665979 if you’d like to discuss this option.

If you want your pool installed for you, we can provide a complete installation service. Call us now on 0800 0665979 to discuss your project and we are happy to provide a quote. If you’d like to see step-by-step examples of two different exercise pool installations we have created two project guides that you can access by clicking on the guides below.

Exercise pool project guides

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