An Endless Exercise Pool In Your Garage

Exercise Pool in a garage

We have previously looked at some of the options you have if you want to install an exercise pool in your home. You can read the article here. One of the options we discussed was to turn your garage into an exercise pool room. Here we’ll take a closer look at a successful, real-life project we undertook that turned an unused, single garage space into a fabulous new swimming facility.

At Panache Pools we are able to offer bespoke, made-to-measure pool options, along with fixed size pool packages. This enables us to fit pools into areas that may not have been considered as suitable to house a pool; and at an affordable price. A prime example of this is a successful project we completed recently that involved fitting a made-to-measure Dolphin Sport Pool, with an Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current Unit into an old, single garage.

The space we were asked to install the exercise pool was originally a single garage, measuring 5 metres long by 2.5 metres wide. Common with many single garages, the space was barely big enough to garage a family car. Our clients decided to make better use of the space and originally converted the space into a room and fitted new double glazed French doors to replace the garage door. However, it soon became clear that they didn’t really have any practical use for the room.

Dolphin Sport Pool Fastlane Unit

They were keen swimmers and had always dreamed of having an indoor swimming pool, but with limited space, they didn’t think it would be possible at their current property. That was until they found Panache Pools and learned of our made-to-measure, compact exercise pool options. We were able to find a way of turning their old, unused single garage space into an indoor exercise pool room.

In short, we were able to turn their dreams of an indoor swimming pool into reality. We installed a made-to-measure swimming pool that was fitted with the Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current Unit. The pool was tailor made to fit their restricted space perfectly and we were able to meet all of our client’s requirements. This included a walk way along one side of the pool. We don’t believe that this could have been achieved, at such a price, by any other pool package on the UK market today.

We have produced a Project Guide which provides a detailed look at the complete installation. Click here or on the Guide below to see more.

Exercise Pool In Garage Project Guide


If you have a space you think may be suitable for one of our exercise pools, give us a call to discuss your proposals.

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